About Us

Shhh was what my mother (Big Girl) was told when she was given this recipe. Never share it with anyone! 

This Authentic Muslim bean pie recipe originated in the early 70's. It was the recipe that belonged to Big Girl's friend's mother. What made her share it with Big Girl is still a mystery, but Big Girl kept the promise! However, what Big Girl did was fine-tuned the recipe by adding a secret ingredient never to be shared with anyone besides me

Since I cannot share the recipe. I can only let you, Try This Pie!!

Who am I? I'm a middle aged black woman who is anxiously looking forward to retiring from my Federal job in 2 lovely years. I was born in New Haven, and grew up in a two parent household as the baby girl with 2 brothers. I've always had a love for cooking and baking, as far back as I could remember I was always in the kitchen with either my Mom or Grandma (of course being the taster was the goal) but I was excited to began baking at a young age. Once I entered into high school I was given the dessert responsibility for all of my family functions which was always for 50+ people. It wasn't until my trip to Paris in 2012 that I decided that I was going to become a bakery owner. I had the name, menu and location all picked out but the opportunity and desire never quite aligned! However, in the light of the current pandemic I've noticed the upward trend of e-commerce businessesAfter brainstorming what an e-commerce bakery would look like for me, Try This Pie was established! Try This Pie is a new unique manufacturing bakery that is dedicated to producing artisan pies and baked goods sold at farmer's markets, online, in grocery stores, and restaurants. I look forward to all the new, fun and challenging opportunities that will arise along this journey and I'm truly committed to the success of my bakery

2/18/1944- 11/15/2019